Orphans Ministry Partnership

At the end of June, the staff of Hope to People had a meeting with Dan Burns, and John Whittemore, representatives of the Second Presbyterian Church in Memphis, USA.

As usually, the meeting has kicked off with a collective prayer of thankfulness to God!

We had an excellent opportunity to express our gratitude to our partners for their long-term cooperation in spreading the Word to the orphans in the boarding schools of Ukraine, as well as for their support in the preparation and holding of children's Christian camps. After that, everybody was engaged in discussion of some burning questions about two children's camps that are going to take place in July of this year, in the Carpathian Mountains. We thank God that the deliberation on these issues went well and was to the point!

Praise the Lord for the wonderful time together! Pastor Dan Burns has made an important point that the gospel is being lived out as we join all our strength together in one common prayer, in one mutual planning, and in dealing with various difficult matters. And this has to be done together before God, for His glory and in the name of Jesus Christ!

Please pray for preparation for the camps, for the team and for the children with broken lives who will be in these camps, so that they will accept the Word of God and hold on to the Lord.

Arkady Slyoza