Prayer Newsletter # 6 / 2019

May the Lord bless your walk with Him! Thank you for your willingness to read our short news about ministry of the Hope to People in Ukraine and other countries. You encourage us with your interest in the ministry of reaching all the nations.



Foundations for the Family

More than seventy teachers of Rivne region had a training to teach the class on Foundations for the Family. It took place on May 27–28, 2019, at the Rivne postgraduate teacher training institute. It is the fifth region where such a training takes place. Three workers of our educational department had this training. These are Arkadiy Slyoza, Nadiya Dolya, and Ruslana Kovalchuk.



Preparation for Outreach Camps

Summer is the busiest season for the outreach both in Ukraine as well as in all our missionary fields in different parts of the world. Ministers try to do everything possible for the kids, youth, and adults to be able to come to summer outreach camps, vacation Bible schools, camping, hikes, rafting. They seek to use every possibility to get people away from everyday business and hustle and to immerse them into the world of God's Word. These activities require both prayer and financial support.



Non-Christian Nations in Ukraine

Our ministers serve among the migrants from the East. They preach to the visitors, train Ukrainian brothers and sisters who are willing to serve these people and want to understand what people from the East believe in and how to communicate with them. Please pray for our servants not to weaken in their zeal, for them to be encouraged in the Lord since it is a hard work and they are not able to see the result at once. They put a lot of efforts in the people, but soon they leave for their countries with a grain of truth sown in the heart and it is often unknown how it grows.



The Far East (Russia)

Our minister Yuriy Morokhovets had another session at the Institute of Counseling in Khabarovsk. He visited an Udege village of Gvasyugi, Khavarovsk Krai, right after that. Brother Sergiy Piskalov serves there. Praise the Lord that there is a weekly Saturday Bible study group and a club for kids in the village. Please keep praying for the ministry of brother Sergiy to the people of Udege. Also pray for a new house to rent in the village. It would be much better to purchase a house for the minister and it is an important prayer need.



East Asia

Here are some international news. Ministers in the East Asia ask to pray for a local church. It used to have its own building, but the police has recently forbidden them to meet there. Pastors are forced to hide in other cities and meanwhile people meet at homes. From time to time believers are interrogated by police about the location of their ministers. Our brothers and sisters worry and wait for better times. Please pray for this small community of believers and for many others since the government has increased persecutions.



Central Asia

The ministers there praise God especially for the rapprochement of the Central Asian countries and the oportunities to move freely from one neighboring state to another. This chance is very inspiring because just recently it was extremely difficult and wearing out to cross the borders there. Now the local brothers and sisters can serve the neigbouring nations more. They ask to pray please for God's Blessings upon spiritual labor in the countries of Central Asia.