Evidence of God's love...

In Victor's adolescence chest deformity has benn revealed. At that time, and even now, none of the doctors in Tuva did not know how it appeared and how to treat it. As Victor was a young man, it did not disturb him, but with age the compression of heart and lungs began to disturb really badly. Doctors could not even do an ultrasound of the heart, as it was closed with lung tissue. Poor blood supply, loss of consciousness during the blood tests, lack of breath, headaches and numb hands have become permanent features of his life. About five years ago I saw a story on TV about the surgery to correct congenital chest wall deformity. Victor did not take it seriously. He said that you never know what they show, especially if it is not available. Not often, but I began to pray about it. I believed that all things are possible for God. The Lord is always faithful and He's never late. “Be not ye therefore like unto them: for your Father knoweth what things ye have need of, before ye ask him.” (Matthew 6:8), “Delight thyself also in the LORD; and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.” (Psalms 37:4)

This spring, Victor felt quite sick. We went to different doctors, who prescribed him vitamins, pills, that improves blood circulation, but the reason was left. An orthopedist said: "The operation at your age is meaningless. You have lived 40 years with it, and so you'll continue...". But I couldn't resign, so I began to look through the internet and was very surprised when I found a serious and interesting medical site devoted to this issue. It turned out that a lot of people had this problem! There are only two doctors in Russia, who deal with correcting congenital chest wall deformity for a very long time and seriously, but they operate in different methods. I mailed them both, one responded himself and the other through the secretary. I was surprised by the fact that the doctor with such level, PhD, found time for patients, and we chose a surgeon V. Kuz'michev. The doctor examinated Victor through «Skype» and said that the problem can be solved. He involved him into a secret group of the same people and invited to explore all the material about the disease and its elimination ourselves, he didn't persuade us or insist. We really liked this serious, responsible person, who always answered all our questions, did not go away from the contact, although five days a week he had six operations every day. We have seen how he went into the operating room at 9:00 am and left it at 7:00 pm. He spoke openly about the cost of the operation, he said that there were complications and would not always 100% result, because the best age for such correction is 18-25 years. In Russia, this operation is performed only slightly more than 10 years, and it is always improving. Victor first has taken everything somehow incredulously, but the Lord has sent His help and he had nowhere to go. Victor decided to try and was asked for the surgery in winter, because of many holidays and cold there is time to recover. The date was December 10. We didn't have a penny. We have a large family and only Victor works. It was decided to sell the old bus Mazda, but first it had to be renovated. Victor waited for his brother from Kansk to help during the autumn vacation (he's a great mechanic), but he was not released from work. Why do I describe everything in detail? To miss nothing, so you can see that our God has no trifles, and He thinks of everything. Please pray for Sergei, Victor's brother, he has repeatedly seen the miracles of God's love manifested through Christians to our family, he often communicates with his brothers. To be honest, he was very surprised, but still does not respond to God's call.

Victor passed the required tests in late November, bought tickets to Moscow, and there was no money for the operation. By this time, many Christians have known what Victor was going through, and God worked through them, through you, dear brothers and sisters, through your sacrificial heart. Victor prayed, "If it is from Thee, O Lord, that will happen..." Two days before departure there were money necessary for the operation and means of living on our account. They were collected from all over the world: from our families and friends from Ukraine, from all over the Far East, Ussuriisk, Khabarovsk, Tuva, Khakassia, Krasnoyarsk, Novorossiysk, America. That's about the geography of the places where the funds came from. God's love was visible absolutely for all. The large and loving family of Bible translator Vitaly Voinov took us in their small but welcoming apartment, they took care about our 4-year-old daughter all 11 days that we were in the hospital. In Moscow Regional Research Clinical Institute of Vladimirskiy Victor lived in a room, better than other same guys (those were surprised, but we told that it was only care of God), his anesthesia and surgery were shorter than Ali's and Misha's, and without complications. He recovered better then the others and even refused from analgesia, when the others asked for the additional dose. We rejoiced and prayed and knew that somewhere our children, church and you are praying.

There was also a moment. Carers are not provided with beds, food and a bed for them are not designed, you pay just just for the stay of patient in the clinic. Carers sleep beside on chairs, if you're lucky, or on a stretcher in the hallway. God took care of me. On the day of the surgery from Victor's double chamber was discharged a man, and 4 days after no one was taken on this place (although all wards were packed to capacity!) I could stay close with Victor in the most difficult time for him. On the 5th day, when a new patient entered, Victor felt easier, and I left him at 8 pm and came at 8 o'clock in the morning. On the second day cooks in the dining room asked me where I eat, I replied that I bought in the store bread and cheese. They began to feed me with soup or gruel, although I had never asked them for it. They came into the room and called me to eat, despite it was not paid for me. When I think about everything I want to rejoice and to cry... God did not miss anything. We shared with people about God's love.

Victor is slowly recovering now, he's getting used to the plate in the chest, it hurts, but tolerable, the main thing is not to cough. Six months later, he should return to normal life. The doctor continues to stay in touch: phone, «Skype» - he always answers. At the moment, we already have the means to pay for a second operation to remove the plate after 3 years. We hope that, despite the fact that the operation is not made in the best age, the ribs will lock into position, the heart will gradually move into the right place, and the lungs will straighten out, so Victor will be able to serve the Lord with the best efficiency and enjoy life for many years. Why is God doing this? He made for us much more when He gave His only Son to die for us - sinners, who didn't look for Him. His eternal love will always help us get through the trials, if we have only one hope - for His goodness and mercy that we do not deserve. Praise Him, honor, and thanksgiving! We will be glad if this testimony will strengthen and sustain you in your hope and faith in your trials.

With love in Christ and gratitude,
Zagvozdkin family, Tuva